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TreeHouse Workshop would like to share some exciting and informative websites to inspire all of you treehouse lovers! They are a compilation of our friends, our favorite products, and some of the best artisans in the treehouse world. Enjoy!


The Northwest Tree House School
TreeHouse Point
Tree house education:
Pete Nelson and THW's tree house building school
Workshops and Seminars by Michael Garnier
Miscellaneous Resources:
All the news in tree house engineering and hardware
Patrick Fulton's treehouse news, tips, and tree house building plans
a glimpse into the life and work of THW partner Pete Nelson
find an arborist
knot tying tips
More tree house builders:
Handicap accessible tree houses
Out n' About Tree house Institute and Treesort
more treehouses
Roderick Romero's tree houses
Takahashi Kobayashi's tree houses in Japan
Playhouses and tree houses by artist Barbara Butler & co
Another tree house builder in the UK
Tree houses by Arborist Jonathan Fairokas
treehouse builders on the east coast
Kids treehouses in the northeast
Other builders & artisans:
Bridge builders
Reclaimed hardwood floors & more
Faux Bois artist
Timber Framers Guild
Tree house building equipment & materials:
rigging supplies
safety equipment
tree climbing equipment
tree equipment
Reclaimed wood:
Tree house tourism:
Pete and Judy Nelson's Treehouse Inn & special events center
Stay in a treehouse near Mt. Rainier
A sustainable treehouse community in Costa Rica
Treesort in Southern Oregon
Treehouse cafe in Japan
Treehouse in the news:
Our Website Design:
find us on facebook
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